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Hasnihl Capitals
Business Consulting Services

We provide customized business consulting services that can help drive greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout the finance function.

We offer an integrated approach to our business consulting services. Our strategy involves combining our skills to develop well-rounded solutions based on a full understanding of our clients’ current and future ambitions, business model and financial environment.

Hasnihl Capital operates as a trade name for Hasnihl Qapital Limited and is part of the Hasnihl Investment group of companies. This collective entity encompasses various subsidiaries and businesses under the overarching Hasnihl Investment umbrella.

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  • Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning
    We provide analytical planning services that can help improve profitability and accelerate growth through accurate financial modeling and projections, and by uncovering key value drivers that will positively influence your business.
  • Capital Services
    Capital Services
    We provide a comprehensive view of the capital needed for a business to grow and succeed, depending on your customized needs. Our capital planning services can be used for capitalizing product development, sales expansion, working capital enlargement, business acquisition and refinancing of old liabilities
  • Loan work out advice
    Loan work out advice
    We provide customized business financing advice to underperforming companies with strained lender relationships. We develop multiple ways to take the bank out through repayment and divestitures. We provide defensible valuations to support the loan balance, and improve communication, flow of information and financial reporting.
  • Project Management Consultant
    Project Management Consultant
    We provides our clients with turnkey services, making our Company one of the country’s leaders in the real estate sector. Our operations are focused on optimizing property values and customer satisfaction
  • Real Estate Investment
    Real Estate Investment
    Our team has many ways to support our various partners. These include the financial analysis of possible investments, building acquisition and sale (including overseeing the due diligence activities), securing financing (equity/borrowings), asset repositioning, investment program management, co-investment and syndication.
  • Asset and Investment
    Asset and Investment
    Real estate asset and investment management Investment analysis, Acquisition and sale including due diligence supervision, Financing, equity, debt financing Asset repositioning Investment program management Development Co-investment and syndication.
  • Human Resource
    Human Resource
    Our tailored HR consultancy services optimize your HR operations and foster a productive work environment. We provide strategic advice on HR policies, employee engagement, performance management, and more.
  • Job Seeker Guide, and Training
    Job Seeker Guide, and Training
    We assist job seekers in their search for meaningful employment. Our team offers guidance on resume writing, interview preparation, and provides training resources to enhance their skills and increase their chances of success.
  • Recruitment and Hiring
    Recruitment and Hiring
    We streamline the recruitment process for businesses and hiring managers. From job posting and candidate sourcing to screening and selection, we ensure a seamless and efficient hiring experience.

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