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Are you looking for property financing, with Hasnihl capital it will cost less than you think. We Give Best Customizable Financing Rates For Your Mortgage, Projects, Auto Loans & Business.

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Property Financing

Getting the right mortgage or remortgage deal can save you £100s each month. With interest rates at the highest they’ve been for many years, it’s possible to get it wrong and end up paying massively over the odds. At Hasnihl Capital we aim to show how to find the best mortgage deal for you, where to look for a good mortgage house, and other key information.

Property financing

Construction Financing

Since project financing is at the very core of all aspects of project development, in order to survive the close scrutiny that Hasnihl and other investors may require to approve project financing, all aspects of the project must be aligned in a manner that ensures the end result of the project financing effort is a fully functioning, revenue-generating, and legally permitted project returning sufficient value to Hasnihl Capital.

Construction financing is available for projects ranging from stalled developments to new constructions valued between 10m and 50m. Eligible projects include low-cost construction, apartments, or flats, provided they have a clear business projection and plan. Funding options include Joint Venture or Loan arrangements.

Housing & Mortgage Financing

Our experience spans every aspect of real estate financing from commercial, industrial and retail to multi-family residential, seniors housing, condominium, hotel, infrastructure and mixed-use property classes. In addition, our firm has exceptional strength in the financial services and real estate sectors, with both practices consistently ranked top-tier by leading national and international legal directories

Housing and Mortgage financing is tailored for individuals aspiring to build their own private homes. This financing option caters to the specific needs of those who have a vision of constructing their dream home from the ground up. To qualify for this financing, applicants are required to have a piece of land already secured for construction purposes. 

Business Capital Financing

Your business has projects, but it requires money to undertake them. Many entrepreneurs face this challenge—which is why our working capital financing is unique and designed to help you realize key growth projects, without putting your everyday cash at risk. our Growth & Transition Capital experts can help you structure a financial package with repayment and interest terms adapted to your needs, without diluting ownership.

Business Capital financing is designed to support established businesses that have been operational for over a year and can demonstrate stability and growth. To qualify for this financing option, businesses must present a clear and comprehensive business plan that includes detailed financial projections. 

Commercial Projects financing is available for a range of ventures including shopping malls, schools, private hospitals, warehouses, and factories. To be eligible for this type of financing, applicants are required to submit a detailed Bill of Quantities (BQ) along with a comprehensive business model and plan. This documentation provides insight into the project’s scope, cost estimation, and revenue projections, helping lenders evaluate the viability and potential returns of the investment. The financing model will be determined through mutual agreement between the lender and the applicant, ensuring terms that are beneficial and sustainable for both parties involved.

Purchase Order Financing is available for orders valued at 5m and above. This financing option is structured around contracts that are typically for a duration of one year or more, with the possibility of renewal. To qualify for this financing, applicants must demonstrate a reliable ability to fulfill and pay for the orders. This ensures that the financing arrangement supports the execution and completion of large-scale orders, providing businesses with the necessary capital to meet production and delivery requirements without straining their cash flow.

Project and mortgage financing

We offer flexible funding and financing opportunities, expertise and advice to help housing professionals promote and protect affordable housing. Our mortgage insurance and securitization products offer access to homeownership and rental housing while supporting financial stability.

Project Financing Form

To proceed with the next steps of the process, we request that you provide us with the following information through the form below; Rest assured that any information you provide will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will only be used for the purpose of determining the next steps in our process.

Please ensure that all information submitted is true and correct to avoid any delays or complications during the process. Once we receive the required information, our team will promptly review it and reach out to you with further instructions or to discuss the next steps.

Property Financing Form

additional Financing services

Bring Your Vision WE'LL FIND THE WAY

we listen carefully, we research, and we then formulate a plan to help you attain the financing vehicle you need to bring your vision to life.  We stay highly involved from beginning to end, minimizing all potential hassle and ensuring a successful closing.

Purchase Order financing

When you want to take on new business opportunities and are short of cash, PO financing is the ideal solution. You can increase your cash flow to fulfill large orders without shortchanging your operations

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Buying commercial real estate is an important decision, potentially very profitable and often complex. With support from our experts and a loan* adapted to your needs, we can help make your project reality.

Joint Venture Financing

Hotels and resorts, commercial buildings, shopping centers, and even sports facilities, are projects often funded by joint venture loans. As a borrower, you will also need to demonstrate that your project has a percentage of the equity invested in cash, or that you have real equity to back up the loan.

Construction Financing

Property & Mortgage Financing

Our Commitment to Prompt and Transparent Service

At Hasnihl Capitals, we understand the importance of timely responses and efficient handling of applications. We prioritize each application with the urgency it deserves, ensuring that no request is left unattended for an extended period.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining clear communication channels, keeping you informed at every step of the way. From the moment you submit your application, we will provide regular updates on its progress, ensuring transparency throughout the entire process.

We believe that by being prompt and transparent, we can build trust and confidence in our services. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering exceptional customer service.

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