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The key to attracting the right business funding is to examine your current and future cash flow need, at a deep level. This helps your understand all of the various uses for capital. Once empowered with this information, you can design the perfect capital solution. Without the right type of business funding, companies lack the energy to fuel the growth journey.

Business funding options can be provided by dozens of different types of lenders and investors, depended on the specific need. These include:

  • Banks and asset based lenders.
  • Cash flow lenders.
  • Untrenched providers and mezzanine lenders.
  • Equity investors.


Bank Loans

Our network makes it easier for you to find the right bank. Our expertise ensures you get the best bank loan available in the market. With Hasnihl Capital leading your bank loan process, you’ll get:

  1. The largest loan available.
  2. At the best price.
  3. With the most flexible repayment structure.
Asset Based Loans

Our lender network includes over 100 asset based lenders consisting of banks and commercial finance companies. Due to the fragmentation in this market, most middle market companies need help understanding the credit requirements and finding the right lenders. That’s where Hasnihl Capital expertise can empower you and your business.

Cash Flow Loan

We provide you with a layered, viable deal structure that will get to a closing. Each loan structure is different depending on the type of loan needed and the credit profile for each company. Our focus is on using different types of loans and intelligently layering them to increase your funding amount while decreasing your credit risk.

Growth Capital

 Growth capital providers look at the cash flow dynamics and growth potential of a business. They can be mezzanine lenders, cash flow lenders or growth equity investors. This market is both fragmented and specialized, resulting in barriers to access for the average company. The criteria and process for attracting growth capital is very different than getting a bank loan.

We Give Best Customizable Financing Rates For Your Mortgage, Projects, Auto Loans & Business capital.

cash flow loan

Capital Financing

We have more than 5 years of experience in corporate finance. We’ll work with you to unlock your business’s hidden assets, to access finance. We can often leverage funding that’s far beyond the amount you could usually borrow.

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international real estate agents

Mortgage Financing

At Hasnihl Capitals, we aim to show how to find the best mortgage deal for you, where to look for a good mortgage house, and other key information around international real estate market.

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Asset Based Loans

Asset Based Loans

Lenders have very different requirements, and the wrong approach can damage your chances of getting a good deal. Through our business consulting services We’ve built strong relationships across the whole lending community, so can identify those who are most likely to provide the support you need.

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